November 25, 2011

Zion unfolding

When he was born, Zion looked like a baby bird who had fallen from its nest.  We could see through his skin, which hung from his tiny bones in wrinkled, papery folds.  I held all four pounds of him (he was full-term, you remember) and I looked into his handsome face no bigger than an apple, wondering what wondrous thing he would grow into.

I am beginning to see.

Lately it has become clear that Zion loves art. He literally needs to create.

Today Zion begged, as he often does, to be allowed to paint.  I consented.  Out came the aprons and the old rags, and today a sturdy cardboard fan from Kaylee and Phom's wedding (printed on one side with the COOLEST love story ever; I figured they wouldn't mind).  Also today, Bright, who's giftings are heavily weighted in other departments, took to reading the back of the package of paints.

"Try combing for a great texture," he read.  "Mama, I'm going to do THAT." So off to the bathroom he went and when he returned he was carrying a comb.  Bright did comb his paint, for a second or two, and then he decided to move on to something else.  Zion, however, took that comb and went to town.

The finished product?  "Sunset," by Zion Rupp.
I am so looking forward to watching Zion unfold more and more.  That is a wonderful sunset, my treasured son!