August 13, 2017

Michigander flies home

Before school starts I'd better put up an America post! It's amazing how much fun a family can have in under three weeks.
This pic says it all. The flag, the boating tube, the minivan, the mobile home. 

America has Meijer stores, and Meijer stores have slushies. It's one of the first things we do.

America has brothers. 

Family pic 2017. The gang's all here!

Our family's favorite inland lake. Grandpa has a pontoon boat now.

My dad. XOXOX
Four generations!
My mom. XOXOX

Not to be outdone by the grandkids.
The beach. Of course.

They've been carrying kids' beach toys to the beach for 40 years now.

My parents pack a mean cooler.
And then there's Liz. Of course.
We stayed here for a night. "Linda's Place," it was called. Linda has...interesting taste.
Bowling balls were growing in the garden.
We had a blast, in spite of Linda's garden! Ha!
Ah, Michigan. Until we meet again. XOXOX

August 06, 2017

My baby is 8

So we snuck back into America this summer, for less than three weeks this time. If we didn't see you or give you a call, don't feel badly. It was worse for us! A globe-crossing series of flights, followed by two weeks of jet lag, then a mere five days of normalcy, only to get back on airplanes heading home to East Asia for another two weeks of jet lag. Not exactly a dream summer...but necessary for visa purposes. We do what we must.

So it was that Jubilee celebrated her 8th birthday while in the United States. Which is funny. This kid, who has never lived anywhere but her birth country, has now celebrated 3/8 of her birthdays outside of her birth country.

But she didn't complain too much. She woke up at Grandma and Grandpa's on the morning of her birthday, to the usual streamers and balloons and a present or two.

Then we met up with Liz and Cadence at Airtime in Grand Rapids. Jubi LOVVVVVES her friend Cadence. This lovely Dutch girl is a full head taller than Jubes and hasn't even turned 8! But their height difference doesn't mean anything to them.

After Airtime, Liz took the girls to an art event for kids.

The following Saturday the whole family came together, Momo included, to celebrate again. Jubilee had her cousin Sharlet by her side this time!

Probably her favorite gift was the shirt I ordered from Etsy. The kitten looks like our Moses, and green is her favorite color.

The grand finale? GETTING HER EARS PIERCED! Grandma and Momo and I took her to Claire's at Rivertown Crossings Mall. She chose yellow gold and cubic zirconia studs.

Her ears just before the piercing.
The lady who would pierce her ears was kind of nuts. Jubi is laughing at her.

She's laughing at her again. 
The smallest look of pain on her face. Nothing more.
And she's done! Look at the sparkle in those ears! Grandma bought her two more pairs for later.

Jubilee, my only daughter, my sweet companion, my favorite girl. You have a golden heart, a level head, a quick wit, and a look of beauty. There is no doubt that girls like you are rare. We are so thankful for you, and we can't wait to see where you will go in life and who you will become! Happy birthday, sweetheart. We love you with all our hearts.