August 13, 2017

Michigander flies home

Before school starts I'd better put up an America post! It's amazing how much fun a family can have in under three weeks.
This pic says it all. The flag, the boating tube, the minivan, the mobile home. 

America has Meijer stores, and Meijer stores have slushies. It's one of the first things we do.

America has brothers. 

Family pic 2017. The gang's all here!

Our family's favorite inland lake. Grandpa has a pontoon boat now.

My dad. XOXOX
Four generations!
My mom. XOXOX

Not to be outdone by the grandkids.
The beach. Of course.

They've been carrying kids' beach toys to the beach for 40 years now.

My parents pack a mean cooler.
And then there's Liz. Of course.
We stayed here for a night. "Linda's Place," it was called. Linda has...interesting taste.
Bowling balls were growing in the garden.
We had a blast, in spite of Linda's garden! Ha!
Ah, Michigan. Until we meet again. XOXOX