November 07, 2016

Haima and The Cubs

We went to Hong Kong for the kids' eye doctor appointments, expecting a few days of good food and western style shopping. Little did we know that the entire city-nation would be boarded up (almost literally) in preparation for Typhoon Haima.

Typhoon? Really? I guess we should have checked our weather app before booking our tickets? Oops.

So with the kids' eye doctor appointments cancelled, and nothing else in the city open for business, we went for a walk in the wind. It was eerily quiet in a city where under normal conditions, one can't itch the end of one's nose without elbowing someone.

Our walk took us to the harbor, where the waves swelled and banged against the seawall and our hair whipped in circles around our heads.

We made it back to our hotel before Haima made landfall, which it did 62 miles down the coast from Hong Kong. It wasn't that exciting of a storm, after all. But the wind! I'd never felt such wind. It was awesome.

And by the next day, everything was back up and running. We visited the doctors we had gone there to see, and we took a meal at our favorite food joint, Triple O's.

Brave was wearing the above Chicago Bears T-shirt that day. I thought nothing of it. Then we passed some other Caucasian people in the street who were singing and skipping, and one of them stopped in her tracks and pointed at Brave's shirt.

"Hey! Are you from Chicago too!?" she exclaimed.

"Michigan," I apologized.

"Well, the Cubs just won the world series!" she whooped.

"What?! I didn't know!" I cheered.

"I've been following the game from here!" she said proudly, pointing to some sort of technological device on her hip. I cheered again and the woman gave a little victory dance before turning back to her companions.

So there you have it. I was in Hong Kong during a typhoon when the Cubbies won the world series for the first time in 108 years.

You never know what the winds might bring.