November 05, 2011

waste disposal update

Talked to Daniel.  Brave is on fluids, ate soup, and is down now for the night.  The nurses on Ward 7 left the light on for him from his peanut incident, so he felt right at home.

Sheesh, that kid.

Anyway, a better look at his intestines left the docs almost ready to rule out his bum lymph node as the culprit this time.  The thought right now is that his waste-disposal systems haven't been functioning on account of severe dehydration.  Now that's weird.  It's not like he ever stopped drinking.  I mean, he did have diarrhea last week, but we live in East Asia - that's like noting that the wind blew.

Either way, a night on fluids should be very telling.  Usually when he's on fluids I have to change his diaper ever couple of hours.  Those Huggies set absorbency records on kids hooked up to IVs.  A dry diaper tomorrow morning would be scary, and very painful for him, at which point the docs would be extremely concerned.

They don't expect that.  They expect to get him back on his feet and out the door in a few days.  Whew.

Of course they'll run all the tests: stool, urine, blood, checking for proper kidney function, disease, and infection, but they don't expect to turn up anything.

Again, whew.

The litmus test will be his pain level.  If he is comfortable "down there" tomorrow, then we are in the clear.  If not, then we are all incredibly stumped.

I go to bed now with a heart much encouraged, and hoping to hear that Brave woke up soaked from his widows' peak to his little fat feet.