November 04, 2011

without a doubt

Have you ever doubted?  Have you ever wondered if all that you believe in is bunk?  If your answer is, "No, of course not!" then you either live your life completely at the epidermis, or you are in denial.

This morning was a low point for me.  Even with Daniel's parting words ringing in my ears, "You're job while I'm gone is not to think, but to trust," I was still so full of anxiety I could hardly see straight.  Worry played its seductive tune to every cell in my brain, until I found myself looking at the boys' natural history books and thinking, "What about the dinosaurs?  How can we explain that, really, in the context of Noah and his ark and all the rest?"

A few minutes down the road, after I failed Jubilee miserably, I retreated to the other room alone.  There I cried out to G0D.  "L0RD," I sobbed, "I am so afraid for Brave.  It is causing me to doubt, and to be mean, and to feel downright horrible.  Please, L0RD, give me a sign that you are here.  Remind me of where I've come with you.  Help!"

Next, I checked my email.  There was a note from my mom, saying that she was praying, and saying that she had read a verse in Psa1ms and was claiming it for me today.  Chapter 29, verse 11.  I read it and felt a little better.  It was nice to hear from my mom.

Then things got downright creepy. As I set about unpacking the box that Mandy just sent in the mail, I lifted out a lovely daily devotional by Sarah Young and, figuring it couldn't hurt, opened it to today's date.  The words were spot-on.  "This is a training opportunity," it read, "since I designed you for deep dependence on your Shepherd-King.  Challenging times wake you up and amplify your awareness of needing my help." (Jes_s Calling, p. 323).


I looked at the suggested verses at the bottom of the page.  There were four of them.  Four.  Single.  Verses.  Out of the whole entire Bib1e.  One of the verses was Psa1m 29:11.

The verse from my mom.

FREAKY?  Maybe a little.  G0D has a way of freaking us out from time to time.  I asked for a sign, didn't I?  Well, he delivered.  Does that explain the dinosaurs?  Uh, not really.  But who cares about extinct lizards when I have a G0D who cares for me that beautifully?

"The L0RD gives strength to his people; the L0RD blesses his people with peace." -Psa1m 29:11

Yes, He certainly does.  Without a doubt.