November 07, 2011

Iranian Nurse Practitioners and rota virus

The word from Bangkok is, Brave has a rash now on his cheeks, chest, and abdomen, which is a common sign that rota virus is dying out in his body.  Though he has been vaccinated for rota virus, children can still get it, it just doesn't kill them.  They are going to run a test on his stool tomorrow, more for curiosity sake, to see if that was how this started, leading to an enlarged lymph node, causing mesenteric lymphadenitis, causing severe dehydration, landing him in the hospital.  I don't doubt that this did start with rotavirus.  If it has a big fancy medical name, Brave is probably going to get it.

I still cry a lot, mainly now because our family is in two pieces, over the border, and it looks like it's going to be days and days before we are reunited.  The greatest piece of news of the weekend is, his urinating pain is gone, gone, gone.  I could eat a whole chocolate cake I'm so excited.  Thank you GOD, and thank you everyone for your prayers. 

While Daniel has been on his medical globe-trotting tour with my toddler, he has met some interesting folks.  Topping the charts is a group of male, Iranian nurse practitioners, who are peddling prosthetic limbs.  They helped my husband carry his bags, and gave him their business cards, saying, "If you are ever in Iran, call us, and we will help you."

"Hang on to those business cards," I told Daniel.  "You just never know."