November 16, 2011

three months later

Jubilee Rupp has been ours for 3 months now.  We joke that she is more like a butterfly than a child, flitting around, light-as-a-feather, landing on one of her brothers and delivering affection before flitting off to land on another brother, or her mama (that's me!) or her daddy, who she might just be a bit partial to.  For the longest time I think she thought Daniel was perfect, coming home each evening with a big smile and lots of love to give.  She is just now figuring out that he, too, will discipline her if he needs to, though anyone can see it nearly kills him.
She is also just figuring out that dolls can be fun, and that they aren't like other babies she has had to contend with.  They aren't going to cry, and they aren't going to take away any of the attention.  To my utter delight, her favorite doll is the one we brought along when we adopted her.   
She is not quite so bone-skinny (must be all the butter and sugar in her new American diet) and she is saying 3 and 4 word sentences in English.  She is a very verbal child, and sensitive to the feelings of others.  Pair those traits with her sweet disposition, her smarts, and the fact that she is...well, lets face it...ADORABLE, and we are two very smitten parents over here in East Asia, biting at the bit to get our daughter to America to show her off.  Wouldn't you? 

Happy 3-months, baby girl!  We love you to pieces!