November 20, 2011

xie xie nimen! (thanks, y'all!)

The goal for our matching grant has been met, and then some!!  The grant will give us all the money that was raised, so we are ending up with a very nice help toward the remaining expenses of our adoption.  We praise G0D for his providing hand, and we thank YOU for your open hand.

We've tried hard to send thank-you notes to those of you who gave.  We've already sent out two mailings, and one more mailing will be on its way soon (mailing from here to there is a bit tricky).  For those of you who never end up with a thank-you note, please forgive our not being able to round up your address.  We know ALL of your names, though, and they are going in the baby book!  Jubilee Sue is tucked snugly into our family, to be loved and cared for forever, and many of you had a hand in that.  Thank you so much, and may you be blessed!