November 28, 2011

she has returned

After four weeks of wheeling my four kids through the market to buy meat, bumping the stroller over chicken poop and corn husks, to bring the meat home and remove the hairs and blood clots myself, then chop and tenderize and slowcook until a meal could be on the table - Xiao Fu is back!!!

Bright's exact words were, "It's so nice to have a housekeeper again." 


In any case, there were tears and hugs and nods of understanding that crossed the language barrier as we welcomed our thinner, tanner, and wearier Xiao Fu yesterday morning.

Today she and I, with the help of charades and our trusty Chinese/English dictionary, talked about how the past four weeks have been for all of us.  I stood in awe of her iron faith as she spoke, and her raw pain as she cried.  Her hands were shaking as she leafed through our Chinese/English Bib1e, stopping when she came to Isaiah 48:10, which reads, "See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction."

And then we went our separate ways; she to scrub the toilets, and I to walk Bright and Zion through their math lessons.  All the while a feeling of praise lingered in the air, and in my heart I wondered at the rich and lovely and mysterious love of G0D. 

Welcome back, my helper, my teacher, my friend.