November 23, 2011

a miraculous succession of days

This Thanksgiving, we are reminded that our days on this earth are numbered, and every hectic moment of life is a gift.

Every single moment.

Glory Danielle should not have lived more than a week.  Her birth defects include: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, Double Outlet Right Ventricle, Atrioventricular Canal, and Heterotaxy, as well as esophageal atresia (the upper portion of her esophagus is not connected to her stomach), tracheophageal fistula, asplenia (she was born without a spleen), and bronchomalacia (her left lung is very underdeveloped and weak). 

And yet, she HAS lived more than a week.  She has lived for 16 months!  Her life, though short in our eyes, has been a miraculous succession of days, and every one of them a gift.

Now Glory is going on home-care, to be made as comfortable as possible.  There is nothing more the doctors can do for her.  

Let us not forget that all of our lives are short, shorter than we think, and all of our lives are a miraculous succession of days. 

How quickly we forget.

As I ate turkey and sweet potatoes today, celebrating all that G0D has given me, my heart was thankful for one thing above all else: today.  Another day on this earth, to love, to laugh, and to live.  Thank you, G0D, for the gift of Glory Danielle.