November 27, 2011

our 10th Christmas tree, in pictures

We have always had a real tree, even when that "tree" was a small succulent plant in the corner of our shoe-box-sized married housing apartment in seminary.
Circa 2004.  Notice the blue couch?  Had to sell it when we moved East.  So sad.
This year is no different, except that this year we put up our 10th real tree!  Ten Christmas trees, now that is something.  I guess we can no longer justify calling ourselves newlyweds.  Oh well, at least my husband still looks like this:
Now, due to the same cedar tree shortage we were up against last year, we had to buy another cone-shaped shrub, but it beats the heck out of hanging lights on something made of wire and plastic (no offense meant toward those of you who put up fake trees).

So yesterday, Daniel and the two older boys headed to the nursery.  It was a beautiful day, characteristic of our city this time of year.
The red clay that is IMPOSSIBLE to get out of the knees of jeans.
They found a tree, with this guy's help:
They loaded the tree into the back of the van, where two goof balls took a well-earned rest.
Once the tree was home, Daniel potted it in our living room, and then the decorating commenced.
Jubilee's first Christmas tree.
 And a picture of the mama, purely for the sake of posterity.
After it was all said and decorated, Daniel took a nap and I took a good look at what has become our life.  Four stockings hung by the entertainment center with care.  A gold star made by deaf women who were rescued from the streets of China and taught to sew.  Ten Christmases together, each one a little bit sweeter than the one before.