November 05, 2011

please help us solve this mystery

Our friend Roger told us recently that our life could be a reality TV show.  I am starting to think he's right.  What would we call it...hmmm.  "Daniel and Kayla's Chaos," perhaps.

So there are three pieces of good news.
1.) I am still a believer (in case my brutal honesty the other day freaked anybody out;) 
2.) Brave is able, eventually, to urinate (though it is very painful) and poop is happening too, though also very painfully.
3.) Kidney function test came back normal

There are three pieces of bad news.
1.) He is now acting more sick and tired, and the pain seems to be getting worse.
2.) They are still stumped.
3.) I am a nervous wreck.

If anyone is a doctor, or knows a doctor, who knows why my son would have the following symptoms, PLEASE comment.
-Started with diahrea
-Then loss of appetite, not wanting to drink
-Then two days of saying his tummy hurt, touching his lower abdomen and crotch
-Then crying when he pooped, and seemed backed up, but stool when he did poop was loose
-Then long periods without peeing, and screaming when he did pee
-Now tired-acting, still going long periods without peeing and pooping, crying in pain when either happens.  He is on fluids, and it seems to be getting worse.  Ruled out kidney problem and bacterial infection.  Doc saying severe dehydration, waiting and watching.  I'm not comfortable with that.  I know my kid, and this is not right. 

Please help us solve this mystery!  Thank you for your prayers.