August 09, 2011

We have our TA!

I couldn't sleep last night.  I had the jitters.  It was the same feeling I've had each of the evenings before labor began with the three boys.  I always know when the time has come.  I just do.

Sure enough.  In my inbox this morning was a two-liner from our agency.  The second line caused me to cover my mouth with my hand, just like they do in the movies.  "We have your travel approval (TA)," it read.  And then, "Can you travel this weekend?"

THIS weekend?  That would put Gotcha Day on Monday.  MONDAY!

It was six o'clock.  The boys were still asleep.  I ran into the bedroom and woke Daniel, telling him the news.  He jumped out of bed.  He said, "I feel just like every other time you've woken me up to tell me there is a baby on the way."

We began emailing and placing phone calls and trying to figure out if we could pull it all off on such short notice.  It is now just past noon, and it is looking like Monday might be the day!  Please pray with us, that everything will fall into place in the next few days, because we would LOVE to be with Jubilee 5 days from now.  Oh L0RD, please!

The icing on the cake?  The Montagues will still be there, finishing up their adoption.  OH MY WORD!