August 17, 2011

together at last

Daniel and Jubilee are still asleep in our bed.  It is 6:30 a.m.  Bright, Zion, and Brave are asleep in their room next door with Ayi.  We will pack today and leave for home.  I am typing now while she sleeps because during her waking hours, and some of her sleeping ones, she is stuck to me like rice to the bottom of my socks.  We are thrilled about that.  She definitely knows that I am hers and she is mine, and she is beginning that with Daniel, too.  She doesn't want him to hold her yet, but if he leaves her sight, she gets very uneasy.

What's it like, adopting a toddler?  Whew.  Overwhelming.  There are so many emotions.  It takes everything I've got to fill the love tanks of all four of them.  All four of them are feeling unsettled, and me too, really, and every single minute I am thinking, "Ooh, I have a spare arm for that one," or "Babe, hand me that one and I'll read him a story while she is pushing that car on the carpet." 

I am completely worn out, and scared, too, if I let myself think more than 5 minutes into the future.  Psalm 121 is my lifeline.  G0D'S faithfulness is my hope.  Her S-W-E-E-T smile and girly giggles are my salve.  The boys kissing on her brown, flexible legs as they dangle from the carrier are my joy.  Daniel's rock-steadiness is my home base.  We're going to make it, together, as a family.  We are the Rupps.  Finally.