August 12, 2011

Thank you, saints.

The prayers of the saints are a powerful thing.  G0D listens when his people call.  We are quite literally feeling prayed for, and uplifted, and loved.  Thank you!

Bright has turned a corner.  Whew!  Brave will have a nice little scar, but it will only serve to add to his rugged handsomeness, right?  I'm thinking so.  Zion is packing his Lightning McQueen suitcase with little things to "make Jubilee smile," such as his rippled black stallion that bucks its foot when you press the button on its back.

"That will most definitely make her smile, honey," I told him.

I slept last night, which might not be completely due to your prayers (Advil p.m. comes in handy from time to time).  The man Daniel hit had no broken bones, and things were wrapped up on that front after only about 5 hours (short for the way things go over here).  The biggest praise is our Ayi is going to be able to come with us afterall!  Her family crisis was smoothed over, thanks to a family member's change of heart, and the generosity of people like Alisa, Jenni, and the Heddens (who not only donated to the cause for Ayi's homeless cousin, the focus of the crisis, but they also brought warm cookies for us, to take away some of the sting of our day).

There really is nothing like the fellowship of the saints.  We love you all dearly!