August 19, 2011

Flashback to day one, in pictures

This was the very first glimpse we ever got of our daughter. Daniel put the zoom lens on the camera and when the curtains moved we saw her, way, way down the hall, in the waiting-baby room at the Civil Affairs building, peeking out with those eyes...we knew it was her.

Similar to the picture I posted the other day, this is the ride from the Civil Affairs building to our hotel.  She had been with us all of about 20 minutes at this point.  As you can see, she is already clinging to me.  Her little face is full of such fear. 

Resting against Daddy on the hotel bed.  This was taken maybe an hour after we got her.  I put a bow in her hair.  Daddy is sliding into his role perfectly (she makes it pretty easy).

Cuddling up on the floor of the hotel, outside the Montague's room (#1446), beaming from ear to ear and trying to hold myself together.

The very first shot taken of the 6 of us.

Her first meal with us, breaking bread with her friend Joy Montague!  We went to Pizza Hut.  Jubilee and Joy split an order of fried rice.  I am SO GLAD Kelli Montague was there for me this past week.  The L0RD knows what we can handle, and when we are up against something we can't, he sends Kelli Montague.

She finally let us open the sucker she had been gripping since we got her, or as Daniel calls it, "The sucker she came with."  I have kept the wrapper for her baby book.