August 29, 2011

Two weeks later

Two weeks ago, a frazzled Chinese lady placed this little thing in my waiting arms. 

Two weeks is nothing!  I've had stomach viruses longer than I've had my daughter.  Yet it seems that we've always had her.  It seems that she has been with us for ages, pleasing us with her smile, testing us with her gumption, dazzling us with her smarts, shocking us with her adaptability, and stretching us with her sense of humor (I say that because I am 100% sincere and humor-dumb, and Jubilee is a cocky little goober with a laugh that would thrill the grumpiest of grumps). 

She is saying, "Up please" and "More milk" and "No thank you."  She has decided that she likes peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and pizza, though she still can't handle sweet stuff like brownies.  She is filling out a little, and sleeping like a champ, and she is speaking Cantonese less and less (a sad fact, but she gets a forever family out of the deal, so I don't feel too bad about the loss of her first language; maybe she can pick it up again in college).

Happy two weeks, sweetheart!  We absolutely love you to pieces!