August 23, 2011

like having a newborn who speaks Cantonese

She needs me and she knows it; she likes me and she lets me know it; she prefers me over anyone else; she trusts me; she follows me; but she does not love me.


Sound familiar?  If you've ever had a newborn it does.  I was talking with my mom last night and she reminded me of that, a reminder that helped.  Nobody takes it to heart when their newborn seems aloof, unhappy, uneasy, needy, and unpredictable.  We wait for the next phase, while diligently meeting their every need in the meantime.  We know that a time will come when a relationship is in place.  And the same is true for us and Jubilee Sue.

Who, by the way, said "Mommy" today!  She pointed to my picture and said it, plain as day, with a smile on her face, and then touched my arm.  She is big into pictures.  She has found every picture of our family around the house and has made me paste a picture of herself into the middle of it.  Actually it was something I did once and it filled her with such glee that I did it to all of them.  She also likes to push the baby bed in her Little People doll house to hear the recording say, "ma-ma," and then run to me and put her head on my lap.

The wheels in her head and heart are turning; she is understanding this thing called family more and more every day.  She also said, "Please" today, in place of her usual scream to get what she wants, and I am thrilled.  We are making progress and she is doing great.  If you are praying, please keep it up.  We can feel your prayers carrying us, and we thank you.