August 11, 2011

reaching out

Please pray for us.  Brave fell and split open his face, two days before leaving to get Jubilee.  Ayi and I rushed him, bleeding, on foot to the neighborhood hospital, carrying his stroller over the railroad tracks, picking our way through the fruit-buying crowd that hangs around the backstreets of our city in the morning.  Of course the "bleeding ward," as I call it, was overrun with people lying around on cots in their underwear, needing sutures much more badly than Brave.  The doctor swabbed iodine on Brave's small gash and sent us home, telling us not to let him bump it on anything and it should stay together fine.

Deep breath.

That was yesterday.  Then Bright was up all last night with what I surmise to be an ear infection, starting on antibiotics this morning.  Now he has explosive diarrhea.

Then at mid morning today, our Ayi, who is planning to accompany us on our Jubilee journey, ran out of the house in tears to attend to a family emergency, the outcome of which is completely unknown.

Two minutes after she left, I got a call from Daniel saying he just hit a guy on the road.  The guy is OK, complaining only of a sore arm, but Daniel will be at the police station for the rest of day, signing the million papers that go along with traffic accidents.

I am also not sleeping, on account of the anticipation and the concerns.

Please pray for us, as we are obviously coming under spiritual attack.