June 06, 2011


This is my little brother, Jack.  You'd never believe this handsome kid is pushing the daylights out of 30.

 These are his awesome kids, Jack and Sharlet.

This is my handsome big brother, Kody, with his natural dad, Randy, sister, Mahrya, and her daughter, Paityn.

I stole the first two pictures from Jack's girlfriend, Gina, and the third picture from Mahrya.  I can't explain what its like, to not know my niece and nephew (due to the 7,000 miles that separate us year to year), and to miss the prime of my brothers' lives. Of all the sacrifices I've been called to make in this life, this one is the most difficult.  All I can do is be their prayer warrior, and I am.  I pray for Jack and Sharlet, and their handsome daddy, and their handsome Uncle Kody, and if my prayers are answered, I will get to spend the rest of eternity fishing side-by-side with my precious family, in heavenly lakes brimming with bluegills.

L0RD, you can come on back and get us anytime.  Seriously.  I'm ready when you are.