June 20, 2011

Daddy's Day in Dali

This weekend, Daddy traveled to Dali to do a thing or two, so we tagged along.  When it came down to the choice between another weekend without my husband, and a road trip with the kids, I chose door number two.

I was glad I did.  So were the kids.  So was Daniel, he assures me.

Dali is beautiful, by the way.  This was my second visit to this mountain-hugging hikers' hub, and I think I enjoyed Stella's wood-fired pizza even more this time.  Although, I will say that even more delicious than her pizza is her vegetable soup with macaroni and pesto (as if Stella is a real person, which of course she might be).

A few pics of the weekend.
Father's Day gondola ride up the mountain.

And tootling around town.

Daniel, there has never been a better dad than you.  I know that you enjoyed the chaos company of your wife and kids this weekend, and that is why I love you.  You choose us every time.