June 13, 2011

brave for two years

730 days ago this morning, I screamed a whole lot and out came a puffy blue boy.  I heard his father name him Brave.  I touched his waxy skin.  Then suddenly I was alone, in a tiny concrete delivery room in Chiang Mai, Thailand, under a glaring fluorescent light.  I would later find out that Daniel had stepped out to call our families back in the States and the nurses were cleaning and weighing our son down the hall.  That left me, lying alone in the delivery room, higher than a kite beginning to feel the effects of the epidural that was injected into my back just moments before Brave was born.

Here he is, two years later to the day, unsure what he thinks about the swimming pool.  Swim caps are required in the pools of this country, which look really dorky on adults but dangerously cute on little ones.
Happy 2nd birthday, Brave Ransom!  The Rupps needed your dimple and your rocketed spirit; your strength, your fearlessness, your loyalty and your love.  The world needed a boy named Brave.