June 16, 2011


36 weeks later, Rupp Academy sees its first kindergarten graduate.  I sort of feel like I need a certificate, too.  
Bright Rupp, I am so proud of you, son!  You worked so hard and kept a great attitude, even when your baby brother was scribbling all over your math assignments.  You are bigger than you were in the Fall.  You are starting to pronounce your R's.  Your handwriting has become so neat.  Your reading skills have taken off.  You can carry your 1's and borrow from the number in the tens place.  You can tell time.  You know the difference between a circle and a sphere.  You know about the asteroid belt, the martyrs, and why a good story needs details.

We did it.  You and me.  I'll never take for granted the awesome privilege to be not only your mother, but also your teacher.  I love you, my little 1st grader!!!