June 01, 2011

climb every mountain

My boys love The Sound of Music, which is not at all weird considering the film's high level of exuded bravery, children singing and playing, and beautiful mountain scenery.  (I think I've just described a boy's dreamworld).  Thanks to Ms Allison, who got us hooked early to the classics, my children are drawn to slower-moving, well-written pictures with realistic images and healthy messages.  They are the same way with books.  They would rather listen to a great book with no illustrations than cringe through one of those things with a sound-effect board along the edge.

OK, I know I'm a bit of a snob.  I beg your pardon, I really do.  Its just that the printed newspaper is on its way out, my friends, ON ITS WAY OUT, and in a world where junior-highers are learning about relationships from social networking sites, I am a bit protective of anything...well...real.

That said, Daniel took the above picture of Z and B on a mountain outside the city the other day, and it reminded me of The Sound of Music.  Hand them each a pair of green and white paisley knickers and we might actually be fooled.

The thing is, they were on this mountain because Brave and I were in Thailand for another medical emergency.  One might imagine us grumbling about that, about having to go through that kind of thing, again, but I can honestly tell you that Brave sucking in that nut was an answer to prayer.  Zion and Bright have been going through a tough time lately, and G0D knew that they needed five days of hiking and spelunking and not brushing their teeth.  He knew they needed to build fires and forts and be showered with the kind of strong, tender, challenging, approving, awesome, safe, wild, deep, and enveloping love that only a daddy can give.
G0D really is so good at what he does.  What might look like an obstacle is often exactly what we need.  This week, I was taken out of the picture for a while, where I could pray and collect my focus and listen to the sound of silence.  Zion and Bright were brought to a place where they could grow and learn - and heal.

And as it were, I came home to
the sound of music.