June 25, 2011


When Bright was this age, we were training him to recognize and recite dozens of countries from the world map that hung beside our kitchen table.  He was our only one.  We were bored in the evenings.

Aint so no more.

Brave is number three, with number two and number one still needing constant attention.  Any word he does say is asked like a question, and preceded by an "E."  We have no idea why.

Brave wanted to communicate the other day that there was a man and a tiger on a boat (in his imagination, of course).  He said, "E-man E-tigeh E-boat?" 

It doesn't bother us.  Sure, Bright was pointing out Madagascar before the age of 2, but when its all said and done, we will have four grown kids someday and no one will remember who knew their colors first.

Not only that, but E-Brave is really E-cute just the way he is.