June 07, 2011

on the eve of adopting a sister

Six years of saying, "C'mon, boy(s)!" is fast coming to an end, to be replaced with "C'mon, kids!", I suppose.

Everything is about to change.  

We have noticed subtle changes in our boys on the eve of adopting a sister.  Brave is clingier, Zion is asking more questions, and Bright's moods are a little more pronounced.  Like dogs, kids can sense change, and our kids are no exception.  They are all asking the same question, in their own ways, begging the same answer, "Yes, we still love you.  No, your place in this family will never change.  Yes, everything is going to be OK.  In fact, its going to be amazing."

So while we pray over this and converse about this and tinker with her room, we document the era when Rupp boys ruled the roost.
The instruction-following oldest.

The free-form middle son.
The brawny baby.
Our brood, soon to include a black-eyed beauty.