June 14, 2011

Man Zou

"Man Zou" is a common phrase that literally means "go slowly."  It is said when two people part ways, spoken from the staying party to the parting party.

I say it now with a heavy heart.

One of the very best women I've ever known will leave this country in two days.  Marianne is pictured here on the right (with Alisa, another woman I adore and will certainly have to say goodbye to one day).  She and her husband, David, and cutey-pie daughter, Sarah, will be moving from here to St. Louis, for David to pursue the study of law.

Marianne is as real as it gets.  Everybody says that about her.  Her kind and beautiful face has a way of putting even the most high-strung friends (eh hem) at ease.  She is pleasant and strong and full of wisdom, and though smarter than all of us, we get the feeling that she doesn't know it.  Marianne and David have lived here for 6 years, exemplifying what it means to serve with true hearts for the people.  They will be missed quite sorely, but even as I ache at our parting, I thank G0D for giving the Rupps three whole years to fall in love with them, and with their movie projector, and their quick wit, and their Christmas toffee, and their hearts of absolute gold.

Marianne, David, and Sarah, be gone now and be blessed.  We love you dearly.  We will miss you terribly.  We long for the day when we see you down the road, whenever and wherever that might be.

Man Zou, my friends, Man Zou.