June 10, 2011

a boy reborn

It all started on the way to McDonald's.  Bright said, "What does the word CHR!STIAN mean?"  I said, "It means follower of CHR!ST."  Zion said, "Am I a CHR!STIAN?"  The rest is history.  We explained, he heard and believed.  Zion prayed, this day, June 10, 2011, in the back seat of a mian bao che, to receive JES^S CHR!ST as his savior.  We went on to McDonald's and celebrated.  He kept saying, "I'm so incited to be a CHR!STIAN!!!" (meaning excited, of course).  We talked over cheeseburgers and fries all about the promises of G0D.  His dimpled face seemed to be glowing.

On the way home he said, "I want to go under the bath."  Daniel said, "You mean you want to be baptized?"  Zion said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm READY!!!"  So we got home and filled the wooden tub to baptize another one of our sons.  While the tub was filling, Zion bounced around the house in his underwear exclaiming, "I'm jumping for the joy!"  Daniel had a short pastoral counseling session with Zion in the home school room, just to make sure he understood what was about to happen, and then a boy was reborn.

Another Book of Life Cake!  Party at the Rupp house, and among the angels in Heaven.