June 23, 2011


Our children are what they call "TCKs," or "Third Culture Kids."  They are not completely American, culturally speaking, and yet they definitely do not share the same culture as our neighbors here in East Asia.  Children raised in other countries share a different culture altogether; a third culture.

Don't get me wrong, they know they are American passport-holders.  I found Bright drawing this on his white board the other day, and it wasn't until after I snapped the picture that I realized there was an American flag in the background, too.  I think this picture is very telling.  Bright is extremely loyal to his home country.  He is really proud to be "from Kentucky."  He can't wait to grow up and "be an American" so he can do what Americans do, which he understands to be visiting petting zoos and building sandcastles. 

I had not realized how TCK the kids had become until yesterday.  We were riding our elevator home, and Bright asked me what the tray on the stroller was for.  I told him it was for Cheerios.  His response?

"What are Cheerios?"