September 05, 2012

we need this

The kids' new language teacher hiked her way up to our 7th-floor apartment today, right on time.  I made sure to have the toddlers down for their nap before the teacher's arrival.  The boys were nervous but compliant.  I was hoping, hoping, hoping that this tall young lady would work out.  One just never knows with these matters.

She had a half hour with each boy.  During that half hour, the boys learned to say, "You have two flowers.  I have one leaf, " and they understood what they were saying.  That is a win in my book.  I listened to the lessons, hoping to fill in the many language gaps that I have, and I believe I did learn a thing or two (when I wasn't in the kitchen stirring my jambalaya).

When the lessons were over, she gave each boy a small twist of dried beef, which she pulled from her party-dress-shaped purse.  Then she slid her large feet into her high heeled shoes and we said, "See you on Monday" and that was that. 

Here's hoping this teacher sticks.  We need this!