September 24, 2012

role play

To annex my last post, here is a picture of what happens nearly every evening on our living room rug.  As you can see, Daniel, muscle-bound as he may be, is facing a challenge here.  One very scrappy, very tough 5-year-old has him mounted, and one very clever 7-year-old has his head in a firm hold.  And the heavy weight hasn't hit the scene yet! 

Ah, there he is.
My mother always said in moments like this, when my brothers and dad were rolling around on the carpet, "Somebody's gonna get hurt!"  Now I'm the one saying it.  History has a way of repeating itself.

And I kid you not, this was what their baby sister was doing during their testosterone fest.  Folding laundry.  I might be a conservative, but I swear I am not brainwashing them.