September 17, 2012

Citywide Home School Fall Kickoff Picnic

Not too excited about the three-armed race.  Then again, who would want to be tied to his sister?

Can anyone say, "High-sticking?"  In his defense, this is Bright's first time wearing a jersey of any kind.  The boy had the time of his life.

Brave lined up beside his buddy Zeb for a footrace (poor Zeb was at a bit of a disadvantage).  The girl in the green shirt is Alisa, Zeb's momma, and my kindred spirit over here.

Here is how Zeb usually gets around.  That darn cast comes up to his armpits!  A spiral-fractured femur will do that to ya.

Brave and Zion taking a break from the festivities.  Check out the bride and groom in the background, arm-in-arm in their wedding duds.  Unusual?  Not really.  Anything can happen over here, especially on a sunny day.

  Who is that cutie with sweetened puffed rice stuff all over her face?

Moments after I snapped this picture of Bright lost in a sea of girls, he ran off to play capture the flag with the tween and preteen boys.  He was having so much fun, and feeling so big, that I let him play through supper.  He really is seven going on seventeen.  Then again, aren't they all?


We feel very welcomed by the rest of the international community here, and are looking forward to a great home school year!  Next up, Fall Carnival on October 30th.  Hooray for socialization!