September 09, 2012

A bit of "land" to call our "own"

We chose this apartment...
because directly above it we have...
followed by...
opening up to our (work-in-progress) ROOF!
The view of our roof from the entrance.  There is a small pond to the left, more space ahead up the three steps, and a room to the right.
One of our palms standing in front of our pond which is drying out presently, in order that our gardener (Daniel Rupp) might be able to clean it. 
Our roof-room.  It is gutted at the moment, ready to be made into a fully-functional room.  We will either hold Rupp Academy here, or it will be a clubhouse space for the children to enjoy!
The view from the middle of the roof, looking back toward the entrance.  Roof-room to the left, pond in the far right corner.  In the forefront you can see our healthy bamboo, lots of potted greens, and one busy gardener's assistant.
The back corner of the roof, with the view of the city beyond.  Our ginko tree is there in the pot, and thanks to Daniel's hard work there are new leaves on the arbor grapevine.  Yikes, my gardener isn't wearing a shirt!  How unprofessional.
Here is a good view of the upper space. 
We have a lot more work to do, but you would NOT BELIEVE the before pictures, had we remembered to take any.  It looks like Daniel has found a hobby in East Asia!  The roof is already so good for all six of us, even without the use of the roof-room and before the removal of all the rubbish.  What a blessing, to have a bit of "land" to call our "own," where Daniel can shed his shirt and the kids can run about and I can breath the "fresh" air.  A few old bricks and some struggling old plants, and one very grateful young family.