September 11, 2012

100 mph

When Daniel walked through the door Monday evening, I was two things:  relieved he was still alive, and brought back in time.  Suddenly I was in Kentucky again, before kids came along, receiving a beaming husband through the door after his first deer kill.  His face was glowing, his chin was high, and his gray-blue eyes were dancing.  Only I wasn't in Kentucky, I was in East Asia, and he hadn't just killed his first deer.

He had just driven his first race car.
OK, to be fair, it wasn't a "race car," it was a BMW 500 series sedan, but the thing could haul (so I'm being told).  Daniel and 7 or 8 of his buddies pitched in (in honor of John's G.'s birthday) to rent the car, and the race track, for two hours of private driving.  The cost was insanely low (average people in America could never afford such an experience), and the guys nearly tore up that poor car.  Apparently the tires were bald when they handed back the keys.  I'm fairly certain none of them had ever gone that fast in a car that nice, especially on a race track.  They were taking hairpin turns at high enough speeds to cause the tires to jump across the pavement.  Daniel said, "I've never had more fun in my life."
I'm learning two lessons lately:  Travis is crazy (the guy in the pink shirt), and Daniel needs to fly small airplanes and race turbo sedans more often.  Thrill looks good on him!
NOTE:  Now you have two reasons to move over here.  A friendly lady will keep your toilets clean, and your husband can race cars for practically nothing.  Not to mention the actual reason we are here, of course;)

Click here for the video.  Daniel is riding shotgun in the video, and the birthday boy is behind the wheel.  It's very short, and well worth viewing.