September 06, 2012


Zion lives in Bright's shadow.  It's not a bad shadow to live in, as shadows go.  It is warm there, with plenty of big-brother love and plenty of fun times, but a shadow, none-the-less.  The brightest that our silly, fantastic Zion has every shone was during the four days this summer that we spent at our People Group Reunion, where he and Zeke David, Zeke Lee, and Sam Harrigan spent the weekend in a giggly, wiggly utopia.  Unfortunately, we only see our precious People Group for a few days every 2 to 3 years.

Needless to say, heavy, heavy on my heart of late has been Zion's need for a buddy.  I have been praying for a goofy 5-year-old boy to come into our lives for months and months.  Today, my prayers were answered.

I met Leanna two weeks ago.  She owns and operates Leanna's Bakery.  She is an American, married to a Canadian, who lives here and reaches-out here and homeschools here and I really like her.  Come to find out, she has a 5-year-old son named Dakota.  I convinced her to drop her son off at my apartment every Thursday afternoon when she brings her daughter to our neighborhood for dance class.  Today was the first of many, I hope, play dates with Dakota.  The boys were loud and happy and WAY too silly for Bright, and I nearly had chills I was so excited about it.  When we pray, my friends, He is listening.  He really is.

Welcome to our lives, Dakota.  See you next Thursday!