September 26, 2012

new beginnings

My first year as her mother tore me down.

Now the time has come to rebuild.  I'm at that flat, dusty stage, when the old rubble has been hauled off, the dirt has been combed of debris, and the ground has been leveled.  I guess I'm waiting on the emotional funds to start moving forward.  It won't be long now.  A few bricks from the old building were salvaged, of course, but they won't be laid first.  They will be nestled in among the new ones like patchwork. 

I don't look like much at the moment, but who cares about that?  I like this stage.  I always have.  It feels like anything is possible.  Not to mention the view from here.  I can see for miles everywhere I look, and there is nothing to stop the wind.  It's like that spot in Oklahoma where my dad and I pulled over and stepped out of the car.  The road stretched itself out perfectly straight in four directions, disappearing at four different points where the earth met the fuzz of the sky.  It was the moment I decided to turn my life around for good.

Few things are as sweet as a new beginning.