April 17, 2011

Where tigers once leaped

You live 15 minutes from Wal-Mart.  We are jealous.  We live 300 miles from this (feel free to be jealous):
Granted, I've never been to Tiger Leaping Gorge.  We women here retreat to nearby hotels, where inconsolable children can be soothed over the telephone.  Our men, however, round themselves up for a 35-minute, $150 flight to a hikers' paradise.  They pack a clean change of underwear and the game "Risk," and a baggie of Advil and band aids, handed to them last minute with a kiss.  They say words like "crap" and "suck" like they used to in college, before little ears were always listening.

Someday I'll walk where tigers once leaped.  Someday I'll venture where my kids cannot reach me by phone.  Until then, we'll let Daniel go and take AMAZING pictures and reconnect with the dirt, and come home a better daddy and hubby for it.