April 20, 2011

fashion refugee

OK, I know that I am no fashion expert, but...

Seriously?  These are GAP clothes, people, not the stuff at Goodwill from 1984 that we all flipped through on our way to the cool vintage Tshirts when we were in high school.  Is America really wearing this stuff now?  I guess I chose the biggest fashion...um...crisis in American history during which to spend three years out of the country.  I will say this, it is good for my pocket book.  I haven't been tempted to buy a top in over two years.

Does this mean that my vintage Tshirts, bootcut jeans, and clogs are no longer in?  I think I'll just wait it out over here until these things find there way back to Goodwill.

NOTE:  I still plan to wear my new jeggings dancing, CDC, just as soon as I get a hot pair of cowgirl boots.  I am glad, however, that you chose not to send me the red, shiny, cropped variety.  ;)

NOTE #2:  If you are reading this post while wearing any of the above items from GAP, please don't be offended.  I would get devoured by that lady on "What Not to Wear," I am sure (and then she would try to talk me into wearing a Tshirt with gaping arm holes, shoulder pads, and a tiny zipper pocket on the lapel).