April 21, 2011

Daddy's got his driver's license!

He studied for hours.  For hours and hours and hours.  He studied the answers to questions like this (and I quote):

After a vehicle falls into water, the wrong method for the driver to rescue himself is to
A.) Close the window to prevent water from flowing into the vehicle
B.) Immediately use hand to open the door
C.) Let the water to fill up the driver's cab so that the water pressure both inside and outside is equal
D.) Use a large plastic bag to cover the head and tight the neck closely

No, the answer is not D.  Apparently "tighting" plastic bags closely around our necks underwater is a good idea.  The wrong method for the driver to rescue himself is A.

This morning, he took the test.  He made a 96%.  The kids ran to greet him at the door, saying, "Good job, Daddy!" and screaming, "DINOSAUR MUSEUM!!!"  (a place we've been promising to take them just as soon as Daddy got his driver's license).

Now he has this:
Now we can move in the direction of acquiring a vehicle of some sort.  Though the "firewall" will be a fire extinguisher attached to the driver's seat (comforting), it will be safer than our three years of strapping our kids to motorized tricycles and bicycles.  We'll be able to take the kids into the countryside, to the dinosaur museum, maybe pay a visit to Xiao Fu's parents' village, maybe even go camping!

We are very excited, and I am very proud of Daniel for studying mumbo-jumbo for so many hours in order to afford his family a greater measure of safety and freedom.  Thanks, Babe.  You're the best.