April 25, 2011

The Glory of Easter

Last week we celebrated 9 months of Glory.  Over the weekend, we celebrated the day that sin and death were overcome.  Kerry said it was the best Easter EVER!  In this picture, Kerry and Philip are sitting in the Arkansas Childrens Hospital chapel pew on Easter with their beautiful daughters, Glory and Eliana.

Glory has not left the hospital since her birth 9 months ago.  Yet, in the midst of weariness the likes of which most have never felt, Kerry, Philip and MoMo know the meaning of true rest.  On days that are tougher than most have ever had, there is no mourning in the Morton household!  They have both of their daughters, alive, to hold and love every day.  The doctors are saying that it is only a matter of time now.  Sometime in the future, Glory will sleep in a real bed, and take a bath with her sister, and eat food that will travel down her esophagus into her stomach.  While they wait, Kerry and Philip continue to keep their heads up and their hearts soft before the L0RD, trusting in the G0D who they have come to know so intimately over the last 270-some days.

We are all waiting, if we were honest with ourselves.  We are all waiting for the guy who flew up into the clouds to come back down.  We are waiting for all of this gunk to get cleaned up, and all of this brokenness to be fixed.  While we wait, we can take a lesson from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  Keep your head up, keep your heart soft, and put your trust in G0D.

Happy Easter!