April 16, 2011

save this child

This is Vanya.  I heard about him from a friend.  He is a sweet, happy, healthy orphan boy in the Ukraine who has reached that magic age (8 years old).  Because of his age, he will be moved into a mental institution simply to make room for younger orphans.  After he is moved, he can never to be adopted, and he will never be heard from again.

The Eli Project is trying desperately to get him adopted.  He is days away from being moved.  His life hangs in the balance.  If you know ANYONE who is paper-ready to adopt (who has already done their home study and has USCIS approval), please contact Chris at the Eli Project at this email address: chris@eliproject.org.  If you don't know anyone, please at least pass this story along.  Time is very limited and this is urgent.

Thanks, folks.