April 02, 2011

Cool Beans

Last night my husband came home late and exhausted, and wanted nothing in the world more than chocolate chip cookies (his favorite).  The problem was, I had spent the day wiped out with a stomach virus that my kids so graciously passed on to me.  I sympathized with Daniel's plight, however: craving cookies but possessing no way to bake them?  No human being should have to suffer like that.  Its just not right.

So, I got up and shuffled to the pantry to retrieve the ingredients.  Uh oh, we were out of vanilla!  I broke the news to Daniel, who had already begun flying around the kitchen preparing my work space, and his unshaven face fell.  Then I remembered!  I had purchased 5 vanilla beans from a guy who sells kitchen supplies out of a run-down apartment (don't ask) for a FRACTION of the cost of just one vanilla bean in America.  I had not known what I would do with 5 vanilla beans, but I couldn't turn down a deal like that.

"Don't worry, Babe," I said soothingly, "I have vanilla beans.  Just get me online so I can find out how to use them."

25 minutes later, we had warm vanilla-bean chocolate chip cookies.  The answer is, "Yes, they were the best chocolate cookies we had ever had."  I added a Tablespoon of water to make up for the moisture that vanilla extract would have delivered, and they turned out perfectly.

I know, you don't have to say it.  Daniel is one lucky guy.  ;)

p.s.  I know the title of this blog post dates me.  People under 25, consult wikipedia or something.