February 03, 2011

The Year of The Rabbit

Xīnnián kuàilè! (Happy New Year!)

It is the New Year here again, and again I found myself on the roof at midnight, watching the sky explode with light and color and thunderous sound.  I'm pretty sure I was giggling like a child, though I couldn't hear my own voice.  I'm pretty sure I was squealing like I used to do on speedboat rides with my Uncle Tom.  Daniel, who slept through it last year, just smiled broadly in the dark, looking from one part of the skyline to the other, taking in the sight of it and trying to remember to breathe.  According to Bright's homeschool curriculum, gunpowder was invented here.  They certainly know how to use it!  The following video doesn't do it justice.
The next morning, New Year's Day, we ventured out on our his-and-hers dian dong che  (electric motorbikes) to join the festivities.  Green Lake Park, the city's gathering place, was too thick with crowds of people and flocks of white birds to even get through the front gate, though I did take a picture of it.
Just when were trying to decide where to go next, Daniel got a flat tire and we had to load all three kids on my motorbike and part ways - he to push his che to the nearest repair shop, and me to pick my way home through the crowds.  I took a few more pictures on the way.

Here is the cotton candy guy who spins delicious, colorless cotton candy by pedaling the wheel of his bicycle.  Those white blobs are not not balloons.  That's the candy!  The guy in the second picture is pushing a huge cart of water chestnuts.
This lady is selling piping hot peanuts.
Happy New Year!