February 13, 2011

my valentine

When I first fell for my husband, I thought he was perfect in every way.  I have since realized I was wrong, of course.  But as the years have marched on, it has become more and more apparent that he is perfect...for me.

I have watched my strong, capable, learned, achieved husband humbled and reduced over the past 2 1/2-3 years.  I was his dearest witness to it.  The man that could do anything became as a helpless baby, unable to speak, unable to pick up on social cues, unable to move around - unable, unable, unable.  True to form, though, my Daniel Rupp stayed willing.  Ruthlessly devoted to the One who sent us here, he plodded along through the mire and is now coming out on dry land.

Daniel will be bringing the word this Sunday for the first time at our international gathering, and really, the timing is impeccable.  He has learned how to find his significance in the L0RD and not in himself, and is emerging a man who knows how little he has to offer on his own, and how great a G0D he serves.

Happy Valentine's Day!