February 05, 2011

Winter never lasts.

Brave is making 2 and 3-word sentences, including, "Oh, I see." and "Help me."
Death and illness descended upon us this past year.  It was like winter blew in.  Everywhere we looked, we saw bare branches, cold skies, and frozen ground.  Hearts, like warm bunnies, buried themselves away to wait for better days.  But now, as the days are getting longer, green buds are showing their determination.  New life is on the way.  Four weddings are just around the corner, 8 babies are to be born, and our daughter will come home before summer's end.  Winter never lasts.

"Oh, I see."

I made a daily schedule for the Spring semester, all the while chewing my lip and wondering how I will do it.  I must teach Bright, enjoy Zion, hold Brave, and pursue Jubilee; even as I love and care for Daniel, put nutritious food on the table, nurture my relationship with the L0RD, tend to friendships, and shave my legs.

"Help me."

Brave puts it well (children usually do).  Change, as much as we sometimes curse it, is often a welcome, 11th-hour hero.  Out of the frozen ground and dead leaves will spring good new things, if we open our eyes to see them.  Yet even as sure as springtime will drive out the cold, there will always be something too big for us to handle, keeping us humble, and reminding us that we can't do this on our own.