February 28, 2011


No, not for a loan.  Fun fact: we have never applied for a loan in our lives, neither one of us, of any kind.  But that is another can of worms.

We received our pre-approval from the Chinese government to adopt our little 19-month-old!  Some folks would share the picture at this point, but I am going to hold out for that letter of acceptance to roll in.  Then I will finally exhale and show the world our little girl.

Speaking of cans of worms, we bought a sack of grubs at the live animal market today because Maximus, our tarantula, was out of food. Our poor Ayi opened the bag thinking it was loose leaf tea or something and squealed like a little girl.  She dropped the bag and looked at me like, 'What have you brought into our kitchen?'  I explained, in my broken way that only she can decipher, that the grubs were not for us but for the spider.  We had a good laugh about it then.

Good times around here!