February 12, 2011

school spirit

When I registered Bright as a home school student with the state of Arkansas, I had to site the name of our home school.  I casually typed, "Rupp Academy," at the cursor. 

The Pioneer Woman recently showed off her new home classroom, and Daniel and I were drooling.  We took notes and began rearranging our tiny apartment, again.  Jubilee's room got moved to the office and the room that was waiting for her got changed into the classroom.  We have big plans for this room.  Sky blue walls, lots of shelves and storage containers, a catchy centerpiece, colorful pillows in the window seat for Bright (and other future Rupp bookworms), fun lighting, and a mascot collection proudly on display.  Pioneer Woman and her kids collect quirky stuffed monsters.  We are going to be the Rupp Academy Dragons, school colors blue and yellow, and we plan to add a dragon to our collection from all the places we will visit over the years.  When the kids move out of the house, they can each take a few dragons with them (the daughters-in-law will love me for that).