February 25, 2011

We are matched!

There will be no picture in this post, and I dare not divulge too many details, in the interest of being realistic about adoptions and how they work.  You see, there is a chance, though small, that something might fall through so until we receive our LOA from the Chinese goverment (Letter Of Acceptance) we will shoulder our excitement and utter delight mostly on our own.

What am I talking about?  On February 21, we were matched with a beautiful 19-month-old baby girl, who we will HOPEFULLY be bringing home sometime in July.  We have three pictures of her and four short video clips of her playing with her orphanage mates, and I am getting hardly anything else done for looking at them.  I have every line of her face memorized by now.  I wake up early and can't go back to sleep because I'm thinking about her.  We are absolutely, one hundred percent in love.

L0RD willing, I will be posting her story and her beautiful face before too long.  Please pr@y with us now, that things will move forward without a hitch and we will bring our little Jubilee home as soon as possible!