May 20, 2010

The woman I want to be

There really is no one in this world, other than your spouse, of course, who knows you and loves you like your mom.  Mine is no exception.

My mom is kindness with arms and legs.  She is compassion with lipstick.  Her heart beats for two things and two things only in this world:  my dad, and everyone else lucky enough to be part of her family.

She makes the world's best lemon-meringue pie and always knows just the right thing to say.  She is happy just being outdoors, or where her loved ones are, or preferrably both.  She could live on peanut butter and granola.  She finds a shirt that fits her well and she will buy one in every color and that is her wardrobe for that year.  She is simple and delightful, always being told that she looks and acts younger than she is.  It takes her months to make a decision, but once she does, she will have the same sofas in her living room for 20 years (and somehow keeps them looking like new).

My mom and I are almost nothing alike (though we have the same voice and the same sense of humor), but we are as close as mothers and daughters get, even across the miles.  I am so glad you are here for a few days, Mom.  I only wish our visits weren't always so short.
And now you can journey with my mom on her new blog, The Full Nest.